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A solar system that charges with electricity

2020-11-04 17:08:00 admin 305

A solar system that charges with electricity

There are lots of solar system provider in Nigeria. But getting a quality solar product is key to enjoying all the benefits that solar energy has to offer. Beebeejump solar is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria that is dedicated to providing quality solar products to the people of Nigeria. With good research and manufacturing team. It has produced and continue to distribute solar products that are better than other solar products in Nigeria.

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Charge with both solar and electricity

The day and night conditioning is what humanity has been living with since time in memorial. And we cannot do anything concerning it. Beebeejump solar has considered this and has made her solar products in a way that it can charge with grid power (PHCN) as a support for the default sunlight source.


Since there is no sunlight at night, the solar panel does not have anything to draw power from. Thereby making it a non-essential part of the solar system at that moment. All the powering now goes to the solar battery to supply electricity. The battery is just a storage system that outputs power that you have stored, and has a limited output considering the input. So it is bound to be exhausted, defiling the 24hrs electricity the solar systems promises. It is even more disheartening during raining season when there is not enough sunlight.

The adaptor that comes with the solar kit provided by beebeejump solar helps charge with grid power. All you need to do is to just plug it to the solar battery and connect the other end to a socket. And violla your solar battery starts charging. Of course the solar installer will train you on how to use your solar kit appropriately.


Beebeejump solar being an excellent solar system provider, has made her solar battery have the ability to charge with grid power (PHCN) in a bid to keep her promise of a 24hrs electricity, even during raining season. Just so you enjoy “Easy life with electricity”.


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