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    Lighting up your homes and businesses is our mission and we just made it easier, with a special offer tailor-made just for YOU! You can now buy our Beebeejump solar P1L at a full payment of just #1800

    2022/10/04 Timothy 1072

  • Beebeejump solar price in Nigeria

    Solar prices in Nigeria vary depending on the capacity, durability, company and the value customers will get from it. Prices of solar power systems are fixed considering the prospective customer's purchasing power and the highest value the customer can get for the amount, of course, everybody has to go home happy including the solar company.

    2021/11/16 admin 11998

  • Did you know that it is possible to have 24-7 electricity?

    Did you know that it is possible to have 24-7 electricity?Yes, it is absolutely to enjoy stable electricity, because it will be powered by the Sun(solar), even when the sun sets, your battery would ha

    2021/11/03 Timothy 1722

  • S1, the perfect fit for your home

    “Our S1 product is the perfect fit for your home!”If you’re thinking of ways to reduce your energy bill, stop inhaling fumes from the generator every night and reduce daily noise from the generator, o

    2021/09/06 Timothy 1304

  • 4 Reasons Beebeejump Solar Is Needed For Your Business

    As a business owner, large and small, going solar is the way forward for your business and this is why:1. Reduce operating costsA solar power system can reduce or eliminate your business’s electric bi

    2021/09/06 Timothy 827

  • “Is there any need to worry about your solar panel during rainfall?”

    Each hour, 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun find their way to Earth. That’s more energy than the entire planet uses in one year.While a fraction of that energy finds its way to a solar pa

    2021/09/06 Timothy 542

  • Are you thinking of getting a solar product

    As more people look to transition to long-term renewable energy systems, the question of battery durability, efficiency, and resiliency has become increasingly important!Beebeejump Solar is portable a

    2021/09/06 Timothy 576


    You can now recharge, order and buy an instalment plan through our Beebeepay website!We’ve improved our payment procedure/process, based on the request of our esteemed customers.Beebeepay website is a

    2021/08/09 Timothy 5577

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