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How solar power is impacting education in Nigeria

2020-11-26 17:52:35 admin 232

Education is the best legacy. For a society such as ours here in Africa, quality education is needed if we must progress. For effective educational institutions adequate power is needed. In reality there are many hindrance to educational progress. One very vital one is the inadequate power supply that affect educational institute. The world bank stated according to research done by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2014, that 46 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa report lack of electricity in vast majority of their public institution. many of the schools especially primary and secondary school in Nigeria are located in rural areas where electricity distribution is limited and most people not alone institutions do not have access to power.

Solar power can solve the problem of electrifying educational institutions in Nigeria and Africa at large. It comes with a noiseless, clean and affordable energy that makes learning and research easy. The lowest primary school electrification rate is located in sub Sahara Africa. Solar companies in Nigeria and Africa are emerging faster than expected because of the value they are offering. Beebeejump solar offers solar home systems that makes education easier and more relevant. Some of it’s relevance are;

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It offers a longer study time.

One of the draw back of students is not having longer time to study. Most student in Nigeria do not have enough time to study during the day and depend on oil lamps or unreliable power supply from NEPA to study. This has made study ineffective. Solar systems gives student more study time in that it conserves energy from the sun during the day and gives power at night, thereby giving student the study time they need to excel. Universities can have night classes without the fear of power outage. A viral picture of Master Favour Nsikang Abasi, a SS2 student of Community Secondary School Ugep, in Cross River State, doing his homework with the help of light from a hospital in his neighbourhood in Calabar, Beebeejump Int’l Limited, has installed a free Beebeejump solar S1 in Favour’s home to ensure that he can study longer with uninterrupted power supply from solar. At beebeejump int’l Limited we believe everyone especially students should have access to reliable and affordable power supply. 


Schools can save money

Solar power is the cheapest of all the renewable energy solution. It Is cheaper than using grid supply and  generator. Running an educational institution means that the proprietor will provide electricity for the comfort of the student, to aid learning in term of research powering equipment e.t.c. Using non solar options will increase expense of power supply. With solar power 24 hours guaranty Is assured. So cheaper source of power supply means school can be run at a lower cost thereby making them affordable for parents/guardians. It also give avenue to buy other educational materials like textbook that was forgone just to pay the tuition fee.


Modern education

To have a unique and modern experience while learning student have to interact with IT equipment like laptops,Desktops e.t.c. These equipment aid learning. Some schools have computer labs which has been abandoned for quite sometime all because of inadequate power supply. But it’s solar o’clock, education has become easy, solar provides constant power supply to power educational equipment. Hence making education lucrative and attractive to students.


Learning in a serene environment

For education to be truly effective it must be provided in serene environment. Solar systems does not make noise of any form. Which makes it the best fit for education. The popular generator that schools use to generate electricity as an alternative to the epileptic grip power supply makes a lot of noise, it affect assimilation for students. When used at home. students do not get to concentrate well. Using a solar system eliminate this. And improves education.


A quality education is the best inheritance for anybody involved in it. Having a constant supply of power improves education and makes it more attractive. Solar power can provide clean, affordable and noiseless energy for educational purpose.