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  • Solar power in Africa

    With a population of over 1.3 billion, taking 16.72% of the world population according to worldometer. A whooping 600 million people living in the sub-Saharan are yet to have access to electricity. Al

    2020/10/26 admin 59

  • How does solar panel generate electricity

    Knowing how solar panel generate electricity makes you appreciate the true value of a solar system. Most consumer of solar power know that solar panel works when there is sunlight but does it work whe

    2020/10/19 admin 59

  • Beebeejump Solar power revolutionalizing Remote jobs in Nigeria

    Remote jobs is not a new thing, the advancement In digital technology increased the popularity. Social media no doubt with hash tags like #Workfromanywhere and #DigitalNomad had an unreserved contribu

    2020/10/16 admin 122

  • Comprehensive guide to Solar installation

    After taking the first step to embrace the green energy by calling beebeejump solar office and getting the reqiured information. You are now fit to enjoy the free gift from the sun. First, a site eval

    2020/10/16 admin 319

  • Power ministry enter 1.52MW solar plant deal

    Power ministry enter 1.52MW solar plant dealThe Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing yesterday entered into an agreement with a certain solar Company to design and install a 1.52 megawatts so

    2019/05/19 62

  • Solar Powered Stadia in the World: Benefits for the NPFL

    Solar Powered Stadia in the World: Benefits for the NPFLImagine having Stadiums powered by Solar Panels in Nigeria. Yes, this is very impossible, only if we are ready to venture into this source of El

    2018/06/19 admin 65

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