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Comprehensive guide to Solar installation

2020-10-16 16:23:35 admin 421

After taking the first step to embrace the green energy by calling beebeejump solar office and getting the reqiured information. You are now fit to enjoy the free gift from the sun. First, a site evaluation of your place will be carried out to know how accurately the solar installation can be done without much inconvenience.

You do not need to worry about all these. A team of experts will arrive at your premises to do the evaluation, your presence of course will be needed just to show them around.


A peek into how the solar installation will go is as follows:


After sales team arrives at your premises

After trusting our reputable solar energy company with your shift to solar power. A solar panel(s), a lithium ion solar battery, a solar inverter, a free standing fan and an adapter coupled with an auto switch will be brought to your location.


Safety first safety always

The solar installation team are professionals and adhere to all safety rules. After requesting for a place to work they ensure no one comes around the place so as to prevent any form of accident. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn by the professional and if you do not see any you have the right to ask them to put them on.


Solar panel placement on roof

An essential part of getting the most use of sun is placing the solar panels on the roof where the sun incidents on it without obstacle. Definitely, this is a part that does not need your assistance, just sit back and relax. The professional team will make sure the solar panels are firmly placed to withstand any extreme condition. All neccessary eletrical fitting that comes with it will be safely placed and connected to your solar battery.


Other solar component

The charge controller, Solar inverter and solar battery will be kept in a shaded and ventilated area. This prevents them from overheating and decreases fire outbreak risk. Places for mounting your indoor solar power equipment include a storage room adjacent to or behind the kitchen, in a ventillated garage.


How to use your installed solar system

The solar installation team will show you how to use the equipments. Although we provide you with smart solar system, you will actually need little interferance with the system. In the event of any issue you can contact the customer service team on the toll free line 0800-400-0000