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How to get a beebeejump solar system now

2020-11-04 17:17:15 admin 38

Solar systems are now becoming popular in Nigeria, and consumers are looking for the most affordable, reliable and easy access to get the product running in their premises as fast has possible. Well, beebeejump solar is a leading solar power provider in Nigeria and has made solar product available for so many homes/businesses in Nigeria, and is still poised to get more products delivered to Nigeria citizens. So the question arises, how do I get a Beebeejump solar system now?


Inquire about the product

Beebeejump solar has a wide range of products designed to cater for different category of consumers. From home owners to large businesses. We have various avenues that allow customers make enquiry and get timely and comprehensive information about our solar product. If you need any information on our solar product you can talk to our representatives on 08004000000(toll-free) or chat with us on 09087595484, you can also make enquiries via the social media platforms - @Beebeejump on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In or via our LIVE chat too on our official website, www.beebeejump.ng. Through any of this platforms, your questions will receive answers, and your doubts will be cleared.

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After getting the right information about the product and being satisfied with what you have seen and heard. Then the next step is order for your product.


Order for your product

Beebeejump solar enquiry | solar power

With the same avenues as provided above you can order your product. In addition you can get our product from our online store -Beebeemall.com  is our online store we use to get order from our esteemed customers, you choose the product you want to buy fill in your address and get the product delivered to your door step. Also, you can buy the product from any of your favourite online shops - konga, Jumia or Jiji. You can as well use the contacts above, by sending your comprehensive house address, two active phone numbers and the products or products accessories you would like to order. You can also get our solar products from our physical office addresses and Agents scattered nationwide. You can get addresses to our physical location via this link. We have our products also in 3C hubs outlets in Nigeria. After placing your order and you have seen what you want to buy, then it’s time to pay for the product.

Payment for product

 Beebee pay app | solar power

The amount to be paid will be given to you at the point of order. Additional cost will include installation fee of #4000 and the delivery fee of a minimum of #3000. Payment can also be made on delivery. It can be paid directly to the official bank account of the company.

Account name - Beebeejump Int'l LTD

Account number - 1015739682

Beebeepay app

For customers on installment, the Beebeepay app can be used to make payment. The app gives a flexible way of making payment timely and accurately, and monitoring your balance yourself. After you might have completed the on-boarding section on the app, you will get the amount the you have paid and how much you need to pay to get full ownership of the product.

Note -  A contract form must be signed by the customer to ensure that you enjoy the product with full benefit coming from customer service.



Customer care service

Beebeejump Cutomer service | solar power

Our customer service is fast, an easily accessible division of the company that have the mandate to give you the best experience after you might have gotten your product. Any enquiry, complaint and observation you have should be directed to them. You can reach them through 08004000000, and it’s also free when you can and you can express yourself in the language you best understand.


Special offer

A special offer has been put in place by the company to reward our customers. All users of our product can now refer someone to get the product and get #5000 reward. Customers on full payment will get #5000 cash while customers on installment will get #5000 discount on their next installment payment in their Beebeepay wallet.

Solar companies online in Nigeria |  solar power panel

Our mission is to light up Nigeria, Providing Easy Life With Elelctricity. And we have no doubt of delivering solar power to the Nigeria populace.