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What is the durability of solar panels and batteries?

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Solar panels are seeming fragile to the eye, and this begs the question of durability. They are one of the major components of the solar system, without the solar panel the whole system would not be considered a solar system, to begin with. It traps light photons from the sun and converts them to power that can be stored in the solar battery. The battery are the storehouse of power in a solar power system. They are most important when the sunset and the sunlight cannot be trapped by the solar panel. The two components durability is a stand-out criteria for solar products if they must be accepted by users.

How to get make my battery durable

Solar panel durability

Solar panels are designed to be durable. They contain solar cells that are only a few millimeters thick, with a frame around the edge to protect the cells. If they were left without the frames of glasses or acrylic, with just a slight fall they can shatter. But the design was carefully made. The materials used for the production can without high temperature and pressure. This makes them sit on your roof with high temperature and pressure and still produce power for up to 25 years. According to researchers the materials used in their production have a high shelf life, making them last for more than 25 years. So when you get a solar system you are sure the solar panel system cost justifies its durability.

 solar battery in Nigeria

Solar battery durability

Batteries are compact and are in most cases heavy compared to the solar panel. Solar batteries in particular comes in different shapes, capacity and chemical components. Each of these categories contribute to their durability. The chemical component is a major determinant of its durability. The conventional battery that most people are used to is the Lead-acid and gel battery that have an average of two years due to their chemical makeup, they will exhaust their cycling with two years. Although there is a solar battery that can last for more than eight years. Its chemical makeup is unique, it is made of a lithium iron battery that can have a 99% depth of charge I.e it can be drained down to 1% before charging and it will not affect its durability. Unlike its counterpart that has 50%. The lithium iron battery which most solar companies use in Nigeria has a lifespan of ten years, it is a tested and trusted technology that is been used by the leading solar company in Nigeria, Beebeejump int’l limited and she has gotten good feedback from its use.


 Issues that can occur with the use of solar panel and battery

Solar panel is only prone to damage if something hit them or they fall, that is why it is advisable to put them on roof-tops, but in occasions where the roof-top is not an option, putting it in places where people or animals cannot reach might be the best option.

Solar batteries contain chemicals and they must be stored in a cool dry area. Most issue with solar battery is overheating due to inadequate ventilation. Keeping them in a ventilated place will make them more durable. Most of all when you notice any damage or issue with your solar system, calling a professional to proffer a solution is better than the trial and error fix that solar users tend to adopt. You can get a solar panel of battery today by just clicking here.