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Best solar battery in Nigeria

2021-02-17 23:02:30 admin 781

Opinions and ideas are like elbows - everyone has two. This is not limited to elbows, Solar batteries are of two types; namely lead acid and lithium iron battery. Having a thorough understanding of their features will go a long way in influencing your choice. Hopefully choosing a better one.Solar batteries stores the solar energy gotten from the sunlight through the solar panel. It is imperative that there is a receptacle to store excess energy for later use since you cannot get 24hrs sunlight.


Lead acid battery

This is a widely used battery that contain a mixture of water and acids. It uses one of the oldest battery technology that has been around for the past 150 years. It is 99 percent recyclable and very affordable. Because of it affordability it is widely used although it only serves for a short time. Within few years the battery will start experiencing some down side due to it off-gassing phenomenon that clogs and reduces it performance.

Lead-acid batteries cost less up front, but they have a shorter lifespan and require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. Users of this battery will always need to replace them


Lithium iron battery(LFP)

This is one of the latest technology in the solar industry. It uses lithium iron phosphate, this new technology last longer and can be discharged to almost empty power without reduction in it’s lifespan unlike lead acid battery. They also require no maintenance or venting.

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Why Choose lithium iron battery

ü Longetivity

Lithium iron battery possess longer life span than lead acid battery. It has three plus life span more than lead acid battery. Users of this battery are guaranteed of more than eight years of quality service

ü Depth of charge

Most batteries have a recommended depth of charge. I.e the limit you have to use them and necessarily charge them to make them last long. Lead acid batteries have a 50% depth of charge while lithium iron battery has a 95% plus. Which means you can use your battery to less than 5% capacity before charging without reducing it lifespan.

ü Efficiency

Lithium iron battery are more efficient. They can store more solar power than Lead acid battery. They are not affected by harsh weather condition which contribute to it efficiency. Especially in Nigeria where our weather is a little bit above the required temperature for optimum performance.

ü Space consideration

The lithium battery is more compact than lead acid battery. It occupies less space and can power more compared to it counterpart. Two lithium battery is equivalent to eight lead acid battery.

ü Fast charge

Due to it superb efficiency it also has a faster charge rate. They can handle more current from the source without emmiting little to no heat.

They can tolerate harsh condition

Batteries gives the best performance at a 25oC temperature. In order to give people that lives in a higher temperature region an equal chance to enjoy off-grid power. The lithium iron battery was designed to withstand higher temperature and still give a lifespan of more than 10 years.

ü Maintenance

Most people using solar for their business do not have time to services or maintain batteries. The lead acid does not give them this option while the lithium iron battery definitely gives room for no maintenance. Which makes it a pride of home/business owners.

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Beebeejump battery

Beebeejump solar has since the past three years supplied homes/businesses solar power product. It has adopted the latest battery technology, lithium iron battery, to do this. With positive feedback from our customers we are encouraged to still distribute more to ensure a quality shift to renewable solar energy.

The H-series product is a higher capacity product that can power your pumping machine, freezers and high power home/business equipment. The product uses the lithium iron battery as its primary storage. Beebeejump solar is a leading solar energy provider in Nigeria and will continue to use the lithium iron battery to provide quality solar systems for homes and businesses.