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Affordable Solar Power this season

2021-02-17 23:00:17 admin 108

Affordability is what everybody will go for. Affordability coupled with quality is the key to convenience. Solar power brings the two to the table, solar power is the most affordable renewable energy presently, the quality part is delivered by solar companies. Credible solar companies in Nigeria offer affordable and quality solar systems that serve all categories of users. PV Solar systems can be used in corporate offices, farms, and homes. 

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Clean energy - solar power

Solar power is gaining more popularity in Africa. The Nigerian Government has also shown much interest in solar power through the rural electrification project, due to it's (Solar power) cleanliness and ability to reduce global warming drastically. It is largely embraced both in the rural and urban areas. Large brands make use of it to show the commitment to the reduction of environmental pollution. The REA project embarked upon by the Nigeria Government is aimed at providing clean energy and affordable energy to people in rural areas since the national grid is limited in the area.

It (solar power) works everywhere 

Solar power works everywhere even in the temperate region,  some part of Canada that is close to the North pole makes use of the PV solar technology. The PV solar traps sunlight via the solar panel, but it is not necessarily a visible light, there are some wavelength of light that is not visible to the unaided eye, but can be trapped by the solar panel. The energy gotten from the sunlight is then stored in the solar battery, which can then be used to power appliances. The sun is virtually everywhere and the technology uses the sunlight, therefore it can be used everywhere. It is also affordable for everyone. Different classes of people exist, well different classes of solar products exist. This makes it available for everybody that wants it. 

Never Run Out of Power

Even during a rainy or cloudy day, you can still receive the power. It only takes about six hours in direct sunlight to fully charge the battery storage unit, and that’s enough to run your household for your hours of usage especially at night in Nigeria where power is usually interrupted.

Beebeejump solar kit

Beebeejump solar products is of different category. The S1 product has gained a lot of traction, judging from its acceptance from Nigerians. It is a home/business solution product. With a simple installation, you can get it powering your home appliances in no time. It comes with a wide solar panel of 160-watt capacity, a lithium iron battery of 338W capacity, a 150W inverter capacity, and an adapter. It is a hybrid system that can charge with sunlight and National grid power supply (PHCN).

Solar power in Nigeria

Solar companies venture is a lucrative one in Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest market in Africa for solar power. And it is no surprise that solar companies in Nigeria are doing well by providing affordable solar power products to the Nigerian populace to ease the inconvenience posed by the non-availability of affordable and stable power supply by the National grid. Beebeejump is a notable company in Nigeria and can get you the solar product you need. Think solar think beebeejump.