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Cooperate social responsibility taken up by Beebeejump solar

2020-11-10 23:23:43 admin 138

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Following the viral picture of Master Favour Nsikang Abasi, a SS2 student of Community Secondary School Ugep, in Cross River State, doing his homework with the help of light from a hospital in his neighbourhood in Calabar, Beebeejump Int’l Limited, the leading solar solution provider has installed a free Beebeejump solar S1 in Favour’s home to ensure that himself and members of his family will start to enjoy access to uninterrupted power supply.
The S1 was installed on Thursday, November 5, 2020, just a few days after the young boy's photo was seen on Twitter.
Touched by the story of this youngster, Beebeejump Int’l Ltd reached out to the guardian of the boy in question to intervene and make sure that he can achieve his academic aim in life.

Beebeejump is an Energy Solar System provided with a very good track record of selling Solar Home Solution made with lithium-ion battery that has a lifespan of 10years and charges with both Solar and Electricity and they sell in instalment with offices nationwide.

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