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What is Kilowatt-hour in a solar power system.

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The most frequent question asked by people to know the difference between off-grid solar power systems is the kilowatt rating of the system. Most people know what it is, but do not fully know what it means and how it impacts their power usage.

Knowing what it actually mean will help you;

Justify the cost of getting a solar power system

Know the duration of usage for the system

Ad know what and it cannot power.

Why you should turn appliances off at the wall to save energy costs, and not just leave them on standby


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What’s the difference between kWh and kW?

kW stands for kilowatt. A kilowatt is simply 1,000 watts, which is a measure of power. So, for example, a 10,000 watt Air condition appliance in your office or home could also be called a 10 kilowatt Air conditioner.

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a measure of energy.

So a 1,000-watt Binatone blender needs 1,000 watts (1 kW) of power to make it work and uses 1 kWh of energy in an hour. So if you have a 2.5KWh solar power system, you can run the blender for more than two hours conveniently, But you would not want to do that because you have other appliances to power.


So what exactly is a kilowatt-hour?

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) generally is a measure of how much energy you’re using. It doesn’t mean the number of kilowatts you’re using per hour. It is simply a unit of measurement that equals the amount of energy you would use if you kept a 1,000-watt appliance running for an hour

So if you switched on a 100 watt light bulb (which you would likely not use while using a solar power system), it would take 10 hours to rack up 1 kWh of energy. Or a 2,000-watt appliance would use 1 kWh in just half an hour. While a 50-watt item could stay on for 20 hours before it used 1 kWh.


How many kilowatt-hours should I use in my home?

Well, that is a very relative question. There are various solar products that have been designed and installed as such for a particular purpose, with the capacity to power your appliances both at home and at work. A solar home system (SHS) is specifically made for home use. It is designed to power basic home appliances like TV, bulbs, charge phones, and laptop with fans. Beebeejump S1 product is a good example of that kind of product. Their capacity usually is around 300W to 500W. The off-grid solar power systems are designed to power more. They can power pumping machines, Air conditioners, and a host of other AC appliances. They also vary in capacity, they can be 1KW - 20KW. They are upgradable, you can get 1Kw now and upgrade it 10KW the next year. that is you can  Beebeejump H-series product is a very good example of off-grid solar power products. So you have a good idea of the kind of product you can use for your home or business.

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