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Benefits of solar installation plan

2021-04-28 21:55:19 admin 216

In a sporadically developing world, the demand for electricity to undergo our daily tasks is at an all-time.

Because of the peculiar nature of the electricity supply in Nigeria, citizens are particular about sourcing for more effective ways to power their homes and businesses.

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Solar power systems have been a positive alternative to the power gap in Nigeria. Over time, awareness of the technology has grown and a lot of Nigerians now embrace solar. The continuous improvement of technology over the past decade has made it a very promising option for home and business owners.

As a reputable and forward-thinking company, Beebeejump solar has gone the extra mile to ensure that solar energy is accessible to every Nigerian. Whether it the bachelor who returns late after a hectic day, or the housewife who is indoors for most of the day, or even the businessman who is particular about his expenses.

We offer a solar subscription plan to our customers. This requires an installation fee of as low as 30,000 Naira. For this amount, a full solar home system is installed which comes with solar panels, batteries, an inverter, and charge controllers.

You then subscribe to your electricity usage. This is done quickly and easily over the phone saving you a trip to the filling station to buy fuel.

Here are 5 other incredible upsides to our solar subscription plan

Significantly cheaper than purchasing fuel

A solar subscription plan offers solar power technology and its benefits at a cheaper price than running a generator. From installation to subscription, we offer affordable rates that accommodate everyone. With as low as four hundred nairas, you can power your home for a full day! If you need power for just 6 hours or 12 hours per day, we’ve also got affordable options for you.

Free Lifetime Maintenance
We offer a lifelong free maintenance service with the solar subscription plan. Maintaining a generator or a solar power system, in the

long run, is expensive as parts need to be replaced. Our goal is to eliminate this concern completely and ensure that you enjoy the optimal functioning of your solar power system, with no strings attached.


A solar system tailored to your needs

The solar subscription plan accommodates a range of solar packages for everyone. A young bachelor who isn’t always home and doesn’t need all his appliances powered at once would easily opt for our mini package which carries just a fan, a few LED lights, a television, and a mini-fridge. Other packages are larger and suitable for families who need constant power for refrigeration, cooling, and entertainment devices such as television.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

One of the unbeatable benefits of solar is the fact that you get a clean uninterrupted power supply. The solar subscription plan allows you to dictate how many hours of light you will require daily and pay accordingly. Affordable 24-hours power is now at your fingertips.


Buy Back

There is no long-term contract and if for any reason you no longer require your solar power system, we will refund you your connection fee and remove your system.

There is so much you can do with this offer. Would you like to subscribe to constant electricity and free maintenance?

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