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Beebeejump: Pay-as-you-go solar in Nigeria

2020-12-16 17:32:00 admin 1366

Solar power is affordable, reliable and clean. It has huge advantage over other forms of power generation. As a matter of fact it is the cheapest renewable energy according to carbon brief. It is cheaper than wind and coal power source. It is proposed to reduce climate change drastically in the world. Science direct estimated that the photovoltaics technology would reduce annual global carbon emission from the projected increase level by 10% in 20 years and 32% in 50 years. The new technology has been applauded and embraced properly by so many countries, even as China leads the Asian continent, Germany leads the European continent, the US leads in North America. African continent has a level of disparity among them, east Africa has the highest level of solar love but the largest market being west of Africa is yet to fully embrace the clean energy. But with its affordability one will expect it to be embraced by all. The non grip is due to the obvious low per capital income of African community especially the sub-Saharan region. This has made solar technology go a step further by providing a Pay as you go system of acquiring the solar system especially for households.

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The pay as you Go system makes getting a solar system easy. Most people in Nigeria know about solar technology but do not have an idea of how affordable and convenient it is to own. The pay as you Go system allows consumers of the new energy to get the solar systems with little to no amount of money. Some solar power companies offer a zero commitment level to their customers while some only take a little amount to start with. Then you pay has you continue to use the solar system. With a critical look at the level of consumers in Africa. Some customers can afford to pay within two years, some can pay completely within a year. This has made Solar companies provide products with installment plans. It generally means you pay a certain amount of money every month or week as agreed by the customer and the company. Before you will have one hundred percent control over the solar product.


Beebeejump solar vision is to light up Nigeria. To make sure her vision she has also adopted the pay as you go model. She has even gone a step ahead by adding an option of buying out for customer that want to own the solar system faster than the agreed contract between her and the customer. The three pay as you Go model designed buy beebeejump solar has been designed with customers as the foundation. It includes three, two, and one-year model. All you need to do is to pay the initial deposit to get the product and pay as you go every month and finally own the product completely. To make the process seamless beebeejump designed an app that makes you pay and track your payment and balance. She prides herself in giving her customer the transparency and accountability they deserve. To afford more energy today click on this link