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Celebrate beebeejump entered 3C HUB

2018-06-09 23:25:49 72

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Recently, beebeejump has entered the 3C HUB and displayed the beebeesolar series products in the 3C HUB store, which is convenient for users go to the store to experience products.

So far , beebeejump has settled 10 stores in 3C HUB direct sales stores. The store has been specially decorated by beebeejump. The store has placed beebeejump exclusive display cabinets and display boards, as well as beebeejump related product promotion materials, which is convenient for users. Understand the relevant information of the products and experience products . On the day of entering the company, we have already attracted a group of users to enter the store to experience our beebeesolar series products. In the direct store, users can experience the functions of beebeesolar through display cabinets and display boards, for example. Mobile phone charging, lighting, entertainment, etc., through the hands-on experience of the direct store, answering the user’s problems of charging, product quality, lighting function, installation method, and price, agent information, etc., these are the main points which users current Concerned, in addition to experiencing products, have a desire to buy products or want to become a beebeejump agent, you can also directly purchase products or sign agency agreements in 3C HUB stores.

This time, for 3C HUB, and beebeejump is a win-win cooperation, beebeejump‘s quality products to improve the 3C HUB traffic, enhance the visibility of 3C HUB, beebeejump also enhance the sales and brand awareness through 3C HUB, For users, the biggest advantage of this stationing is that customers can experience the products by themselves, and have a more realistic understanding of the functions and highlights of the products. Users can experience the products by themselves.

Follow settled related information will be synchronized our beebeejump of Facebook and beebeejump official website. For more information about beebeejump in the 3C HUB.