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2018-06-01 23:29:04 23

Solar power company in Nigeria |  solar power panel

Last week, the beebee jump sales team which was led by the marketing manager (Miss. Timmy) visited communities outside Lagos state. The visitation was intended to impact the lives of these people by providing electricity through the use of our affordable solar system which includes the

-Beebeesolar p1

- Solar panel (small size)

- 4 LED light bulb with cable (rechargeable)

- Rechargeable radio

- Rechargeable touch light

- Five in one phone charging cable.

Solar power company in Nigeria |  solar power panel

Beebeejump’s passion and belief have always been that electricity should be accessible to everyone and our mandate is to provide such affordable luxury to the communities in Nigeria. Introducing our product was a welcomed idea as you can see in the photos, we sold lots of our beebee solar p1 and it made us realize that a lot of homes, shops, schools are in need of electricity and it saves communities thousands of naira in buying kerosene or fuel.

Solar power company in Nigeria |  solar power panel

We as a team realize that we have a purpose which is to provide the Nigerian communities with affordable electricity and assure Nigerians that we’ll do our best.