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Four everyday uses of solar power

2021-01-28 16:00:19 admin 81

Solar power is everywhere you turn to, even in the most obscure place. It serves the basic needs of man according to mas-lows theory. It provides our Physiological needs which include the most basic needs like food, water, sufficient rest, and reproduction. It is being used in agriculture, at home, and in the hospital to provide the most basic needs for humans. Using solar has some kind of self-actualization, getting a stable power source while reducing the expense of powering home and business is a motivating thing that comes with some self-satisfaction. That is why solar power is being used in virtually all places of human endeavor. Here are four everyday uses of solar power

Solar on the streets

Scattered on the roads of Nigeria we see street light work and some people wonder where the source of power is especially when PHCN has decided to “hold the power”. Solar power is mostly at work anytime you see a street light. It is a good way of reliving the roads of smoke from generators that would have been an alternative means contributing to the inconvenience of road transportation. Solar has immensely changed our road looks because it provides a stable and environmentally friendly environment.

Solar in Agriculture

Solar power is now one of the best ways of irrigating farms in order to provide food in a sustainable way. Instead of using the fossil fuel-powered source for pumping water and irrigating farms. The world bank has em-backed on a project to supply solar kits to farmers in developing countries because it is a cheaper way of irrigating and lighting up farms. It is also a way to give the rural area dwellers access to electricity. So they produce food at the lowest possible cost and enjoy the life that comes with electricity. The PULSE a solar-powered kit brings an unprecedented positive effect on the livelihood of people in the rural area.

Solar in transportation

Automobiles that are powered with solar power have now come to the fore, thank to solar power technology. These automobiles were designed to be energy efficient, reduce the running cost of acquiring a car and enable a sustainable environment. The solar vehicles will not remove exhaust, and the only thing consumers of this kind of car will do is to replace the battery, an occasional routine.

Solar in homes

This use of solar at homes is widespread. It is no news that solar works perfectly for home use. It has saved homeowners a huge amount of money and contributed immensely to environmental sustainability. A large percentage of solar consumers are homeowners. Some solar systems are designed for home-usage. They are designed for the comfort of homeowners. The systems are affordable, it can be bought by a low-income earner because of the pay-as-go models that have been introduced. Beebeejump int’l limited is a leading solar company in Nigeria and has provided a lot of solar home systems for Nigerians. Thinking of getting a solar system today check out why you should.