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How important is your solar battery during a power outage

2021-01-21 22:29:50 admin 134

Over the past few years, technology for energy storage has developed commendably. However, solar batteries are relatively new to many. While solar batteries offer a significant electrical and economic benefit to home and business owners in certain situations, many are still uninformed about the use of the technology and its importance.

In this article, we will be discussing the necessity of solar batteries in a solar energy system.

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When you purchase a solar power system, you will be expecting

Solar Battery

A Power Inverter

Solar panel




The Energy Transformation and Storage Process

When the installation of your solar power system is done by the experts you chose to partner with, energy transformation and storage goes thus: The panels on the roof absorb sunlight. This direct current can be converted to an alternate current by an inverter. From here, the appliances are powered with the exact amount of AC in kilowatts needed in the household. DC power from the solar panels charges up the solar batteries and is stored in Direct current(DC) through a charge controller. A charge controller ensures that the batteries are not overcharged.


Why Batteries are important

A solar power system generates energy as a product of sunlight. So, what happens to the need for constant electricity when there is no more sunlight?

Like night-time or on a rainy or cloudy day? The simple answer is: The charged up solar batteries serves as a power bank which provides electricity in times like this. Without solar batteries, panels are limited to providing electricity only during the day – and that is, days where it is bright and sunny. In order to go completely off the grid, you need solar batteries for back-up power for times when the panels are not in optimal form(weather) and unforeseen situations.

As energy storage technologies come onto the market, more home and business owners must be educated about going “off the grid” – reducing their utility bill costs to the barest minimum. This is made even more achievable with the use of solar batteries. While there are certain situations where going off the grid is possible (or even necessary), most solar batteries aren’t designed to serve as your only source of power. They simply provide more value for the business or home-owner in terms of backup.

Because most home solar batteries in the market only have enough capacity for a few hours of electricity, a single battery can’t run a standard home or business for several days. However, they can provide you with temporary backup power. They can also be calibrated so that they only power essentials in the event of a blackout, which can extend their usefulness. If you truly want to go completely off-grid, you should note that your solar providers most have solar batteries as part of the components of the solar energy systems they provide.