Online Message

  • 2021/07/20 Temmy

    Do you have a shop in Ibadan? Which option do you have that can power a fridge/freezer with lighting. How much will such option cost?

  • 2021/07/16 Bilkisu Sambo

    How much is your S1 product? And how can I make payments?

  • 2021/07/13 Patience

    How much do I pay to get light in my family house and how do I pay it, is it instant or instalmental?

  • 2021/07/10 Jacob Lucky

    Please i need to know more about the S1 package and and possible payment plan.. thanks

  • 2021/06/10 Nwankwo Ferdinand

    please how can i recharge my beebeejump

  • 2021/06/08 Olaolu

    Where is your office in Ibadan,OyoState

  • 2021/06/08 pXWLZGzbHweyf


  • 2021/05/31 Festus

    Can P1 product be used with fan or laptop?