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  • 2023/05/25 Micheal Bamidele

    Goodday, please. I want to find out how much is your solar power product, particularly the S1 and F1 Product. I need information about pricing, mode of payment etc etc. do you guys have a store in lagos-Island i can visit for more details? thankyou

  • 2023/05/25 Israel Fatoye

    Good morning all, please i am interested in one of you product. the s1 series, but i want to know the difference from s1 and s1 plus. what is the price of each for one time payment?

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  • 2023/05/22 Preciou Emmanuel

    Good day sir, please my battery is having problem I charge it to 100 percent and when it gets to 68 it goes off. Please sir how can this be fixed.

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