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  • 2021/08/30 Salihu

    God will punish you wicked people

  • 2021/08/22 Ojinika Emmanuel

    Please how can I recharged. My subscription has expired.

  • 2021/08/20

  • 2021/08/19

  • 2021/08/19 Salihu

    I bought S1 on 12/05/2021 used it for only two weeks, it caused fire outbreak in my house on 25/05/2021. I complained but no body respond to me since then. Now tell me what have I done wrong or is it because I bought your product?

  • 2021/08/18 北京汇能精电科技股份有限公司合作意向 Beijing Huineng Precision electric Technology Co., LTD

    贵司与我司(北京汇能精电科技股份有限公司)在此前有过商务合作,后因同事离职后,与贵司失去联系。我司希望能与贵司重新建立合作伙伴关系,希望与贵司合作共赢。我司负责人联系方式:18819966888,也可加微信联系。 Your company had business cooperation with our company (Beijing Huineng Precision Electricity Technology Co., LTD.) before, but we lost contact with your company after my colleague resigned. Our company hopes to re-establish a cooperative partnership with your company and hope to achieve win-win cooperation with your company. Our responsible person contact: 18819966888, can also add wechat contact.

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