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  • 2023/07/04 Idris Umaru

    How much is H2 on outright purchase and is it available for paygo?

  • 2023/07/02 Akinboade Tosin Gabriel

    My P1L stopped charging today, it shows that the solar charger was plugin in but it is not adding energy to it. Shows a signal for a while now, It jumps from 80% to 0% within a minute. Any help for me on this. VS: P1400L-AN1G3.02 SN;01-01-00073095

  • 2023/07/02 XGrHnqWC


  • 2023/07/02 PknemqVyZWXrHfa


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  • 2023/07/01 David

    How do I recharge. It has been long I used the solar. Secondly, how much is my balance to pay . Here is my system number: 01-1500012097

  • 2023/06/30 Balogun Bamidele

    i need information on how to activate the terminal

  • 2023/06/30 sbYSncHTFqO