Sales outlets and Warehousing

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Sales Outlets


solar company in Nigeria |  solar product for household in NigeriaBeebeejump has offices and warehouses in 15 states in Nigeria, and sales and warehouse locations in more than 30 states across the country. You can pick up the product at any Beebeejump sales outlet, or you can contact the salesperson to arrange delivery to your home. You have to pay the delivery fee when you choose to deliver home.


solar company in Nigeria |  solar product for household in NigeriaIn addition to offline sales outlets, users can also obtain Beebeejump's products through online channels. Jumia, JiJi, Konga, Opay, BeebeeMail,and ect.

For specific details about offline and online sales and delivery and installation, you can call the toll-free customer service number 080 0400 0000


Full-link multi-level digital intelligent storage system

solar company in Nigeria |  solar product for household in Nigeria

Beebeejump Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a real-time computer software system that can manage information, resources, behaviors, inventory and distribution operations more perfectly in accordance with operational business rules and algorithms, so as to maximize the satisfaction of effective production. Out and accuracy requirements.

The WMS warehousing management system uses RFID / QR code information technology to implement full program control of all aspects of warehousing, and can realize the management of the QR code label serial number of the cargo location, batch, shelf life, etc. Standardized operations in all aspects of cargo, replenishment, collection, delivery, etc., achieve the purpose of instant, accurate, paperless, and improve the efficiency of warehouse management personnel.

By implementing the systemsolar company in Nigeria |  solar product for household in Nigeria

-Transparent E-Effect, avoid manual re-entry work, to save labor and improve operation efficiency.

-Improve the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data to achieve the consistency of accounts and materials and improve the efficiency of warehousing operations.

-Achieve a paperless working environment and effectively carry out inventory management.

 -Short order processing time, improve shipping accuracy and customer satisfaction.