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Five benefit of using solar power

2020-11-16 16:59:03 admin 94

Environmental benefit

Our environment has the scientist say is being depleted day by day. One of the main cause of this depletion is the use of non-sustainable source of power. More than 95 million Nigerians do not have access to national grid power supply and resort to the use of generators which uses a non-Renewable form of energy. The carbon rich fuel emit green house gasses like CO2, SO2 which are the main contributor to global warming. The famous generator in Nigeria also causes noise pollution. Some of the generator when they are not maintained properly they tend to give unpleasant noise that make people very uncomfortable. Some describe the noise has a milling machine noise, especially the popular “I beta pass my neighbour“ brand. A solar power system does not give out pollution, it is especially noiseless, as a matter of fact you can own a solar system and people will not notice you have one.


Saves money

The amount of money spent on servicing your generator and also getting the machine is higher than the amount you use or will use in acquiring a solar system. You can get a solar system at beebeejump solar for 168 thousand presently with free maintenance. You can arguably not get a generator for an amount low as that, even If you bought the generator at an amount lower than this you are sure going to spend more for it running cost. Oh, you will spend more. Solar power eliminate running cost for businesses. Hence they can break even faster compared to using the generator.


Limitless and Free

The sun shines everyday and there is no forecast of it going away. At least not that anybody know of, so it is an unlimited source of energy. Some countries are running out of the liquid Gold as it is fondly called and Nigeria is bond to run out of its major foreign exchange. The solar power will stay and function until the sun goes away. Embracing solar power today will mean you get an uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours.


It creates jobs

In 2016 green match stated that solar power industry provided three million jobs in the US. But lets not take their word for it. Looking at Nigeria, we have solar installers as friends, roofer and customer relationship representative also work in the solar industry and they are people we see everyday. So you see embracing solar in your homes and businesses means you are putting food on some people’ table. Beebeejump solar has made this process a lot easier you can now get a complete solar system with a solar panel, solar battery, power inverter and other benefit with a forty thousand deduction in the original price. So you can create a job for someone today.



Humans have a responsibility to the environment and solar power help us accomplish this responsibility faster than before. Just the step of getting a solar system means you are reducing the pollution in the environment and you are definitely contributing to the reduction of the environment pain. Oh yes the environment react.


Do more with your cash, beebeejump solar offers a solar system that gives you all the benefit listed above. Want to do a favor to your environment click this link