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Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Beebeejump Solar Today

2023-07-20 18:22:06 Timothy 454

- Saves you a whole lot of cash - the average solar system that can power basic home appliances costs between #250,000 to #300,000. Now compare this to fueling your "I better pass my neighbor generator", taking into cognizance the recent prices in fuel in Nigeria. Fuel sells for "as low" as #576 in some states and "as high as" #710 in some parts of Abuja. Just do the maths, and see how much you will save in a month.
- Performance efficiency - Our solar products (P1, P1L, S1 easy, S1 Plus, S1 Lite, F1, and H-Series) have proven to be the game changer in the Industry, meeting different needs of Users according to their energy needs. The testimonials are there for all to see and hear. In fact, our products these days sell more based on referrals.
- Technological innovations - Our products have evolved over the years from just providing basic lighting solutions to providing solar batteries and Inverters that power high electricity-consuming gadgets in the house (AC, Freezer, Pumping Machine, Water heater,, etc). We will keep evolving because our company doesn't stop researching ways to get better, and your energy needs.
- Energy Consumption - No matter your energy needs, we have you covered. From just Bulbs to higher-level energy needs.
- Prompt Customer Service and timely executions- We have a customer service team readily available to attend to your inquiries. From Monday to Sunday 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, our team of well-trained personnel are there at your service using our toll-free line 08004000000. The same goes for our After-Sales team.
Why not tag along today and join the winning team? You can be one of us by being our Agent or Dealer and refer people to buy our products and enjoy mouth-watering commission.
Beebeejump... Enjoy an easy life with electricity