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P1L for lighting the home/business and charging of Phones

2023-01-27 23:40:06 Timothy 10906

The P1L is now available nationwide. It is basically for charging Phones and lighting. Businesses such as POS centres can also make use of it to charge their POS machines. Restaurants, Pharmacies, Kiosks, and Outdoor night food sellers can use the Bulbs to power their outlets.

You can now buy our Beebeejump solar P1L at full payment of just #46000, and not #62800. For those who will like to buy the P1L on instalments, it is available on 2 types of instalments. Where the Customers are required to pay #20000 as an initial deposit, #5200 monthly for 6 months on 6 monthly instalments OR #3000 for 12 months on 12 months instalment plan.

The features/qualities of the P1L have not been altered:
- 40Wh Lithium-ion Battery
- 15W polycrystalline solar panel
- 3 1.5W LED bulbs
- Double charging option
- Supports 5 kinds of phone charging ports
- Plug and play
- The pay-as-you-go option is available.

This solar system is more than a power bank. It is a lighting solution for your homes and business.
No more darkness! No more low battery! Save more money!
You can get the product on Jumia and Konga or speak with us on 09087595484 to get one today