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2021-08-11 16:12:06 Timothy 374

The bi-annual regional manager conference of Beebeejump International was held between  Thursday, 15th and Saturday 17th July 2021. Regional managers from all over the country gathered in Lagos, the headquarters of the company, to summarize the work completed in the first half of the year and look forward to the future.

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On Thursday, July 15, the regional managers returned to Lagos by flight, stayed in the hotel room and had dinner with the company's management in the evening.

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Each Regional Manager had a one-on-one session with the  Chairman under a relaxed atmosphere of plenty to eat and drink, expressing their appreciation for the support received so far and chipping in their successes and challenges faced so far during the half of the year.

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Friday marked the beginning of official proceedings, with the host regional manager, Alabi Olasunkanmi (Lagos Regional Manager) giving the welcome remark. This was followed by the remarks from the General Manager, Peter Zhang, Lisa Oduntan(Comprehensive dept. director), and Timmy Shi(Chief Sales Director).



Then came the moment for presentations, and half-year reports, starting with the host regional manager, Alabi Olasunkanmi. In his presentation, he made mention of his workforce, a target given and achievement made, challenges faced, and the areas where he needs support. This followed presentations by Patrick Okungbowa (South-South), Adewole Gloria (North Central), Alao Olusoji Paul (Regional Manager South West), Henry Edeh (North West), Benedict Okechukwu (South East).  Common rhetoric among all regional managers is how they have been able to meet up with the targets set at the beginning of the year, and some of the challenges they have faced in the course of the half of the year. The Regional managers went on to propose their plans to achieve more for the remaining part of the year.



At the end of each presentation, Mr John Esoimeme addressed grey areas where he feels the managers had to do more and areas where they were doing well, key focus from the National BDM was the need for market expansion so that it will be easy for targets to be achieved and more territories to be conquered.



Day 3 was all about training. You can’t take out the place of training even among top management staff. The first session of the day was on Skills in Management and it was taken by the National BDM, who spoke on 4 major management skills that are expected to be possessed by the Managers in other to always be on top of their game, and continue to motivate the people under them. This was followed by a training on Sales Manual/Processing by Jonah Bello(Sales Department Assistant). Training on product knowledge was taken by the Aftersales team with Ekko Wang(Chief Operation Officer) talking on S1, Mr Stephen spoke about the product knowledge H series, the breakdown of the panels per series and the inverters, while Mr Victor spoke about the Aftersales process and the Customer service, and the turnover period for the Aftersales.

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An external Facilitator in the person of Mr Willy was brought in to talk about social media promotion, strategy, how to create a social media marketing plan, practical steps in social media marketing etc to the managers and how they can harness the power of online social media to create awareness and reach their target audience.


Timothy Gbedo spoke on behalf of the Marketing Department about the plans for 3rd and 4th Quater - this includes Market storm, Road Shows, Radio Tour, Newspaper Publications, CSR, Holiday promotions and Awards for staffs and diligent Agents. Warehouse Management and Process by Benedict Nsi keynotes from training hinged on Restocking and responsibilities of regional/state managers to the Warehouse.

At this meeting, the participants once again shared the stories of Beebeejump solar products bringing users a superior life. Through the testimonies by one customer after another, we deeply feel the users' love, trust and praise for the Beebeejump brand, which is incomparable encouragement for us.

Through this conference, we shared successful experiences, discussed existing problems and response plans, and formulated goals and plans for the next stage. Everyone attending the conference was full of harvest.

Beebeejump, Easy life with electricity!