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Reducing dependence on Nigeria's electricity grid with solar solutions

2021-05-25 17:43:29 Timothy 218

Nigeria's failure to provide power to the teeming population is as old as time, in fact, it is now a myth to hear that someplace enjoy 24hrs light for some people. According to the tech cabal, For over 50 years, the country has generated electricity through thermal (84%) and hydropower sources (16%). Yet, the country remains unable to meet its power needs. Renewable energy has become a viable way of generating clean power. Although it is still in its early stages in the country, off-grid solar is growing like wildfire and has been a good means of generating stable power for households. As stated in research done by the tech cabal it is the second source of generating power for most businesses and homes in Nigeria.

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Ways to reduce dependence on the National grid

Since we know that just 47% of people have access to the national grid and despite the access, the power is not stable. Then we should turn to the most affordable and reliable power supply which is off-grid solar.


Estimate your power.

Many people see this as a technical aspect they should not concern themselves with. Well, solar companies in Nigeria do this. Mostly on a large project, they will come around your premises to estimate the amount of power you need. But for basic home use, you can just check the power rating of the appliances you which to power, add them together to know the solar product that will fit your need. For instance, you have a LED TV of 40W, a standing fan of 15W, a decoder of 20W, four bulbs of 12W each and you can charge phones everything is approximately 100W. Next thing is to go to the market and look for a solar product that offers this power or more. Then see if you can fit it into the budget.


Get a reliable  solar company in Nigeria

There are so many solar companies in the market, but you need the one that offers quality solar products that will justify the cost and give you stable power of supply from the sun. Beebeejump int’l Limited is a solar power company in Nigeria that offers a quality solar product with three years warranty. Beebeejump solar product is designed to provide you with a stable power supply no matter the condition. The products can work with both sunlight and PHCN. You can also charge the battery with a generator if the sun is not coming forth. So any way you still get power for your basic home/business use. The Solar home system (SHS) the company provides has been vetted by the Rural Electrification Agent and has been given the contract to provide more than 50,000 homes with the SHS.


Applying these two factors will reduce your dependence on an unstable grid supply of power. And you can enjoy easy living with electricity.