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Increase in electricity tariff a bane to the Nigerian society

2021-01-07 00:13:50 admin 251

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has approved an increase in electricity tariffs across the country. This is the second time it will be increased in the last four months. It was also increased in October. Solar companies in Nigeria came to people's rescue by giving out solar power systems with zero deposit. The back and forth increase in the unstable power supply is disheartening and a bane to homes and businesses in Nigeria.

According to a directive issued on December 31, 2020, and signed by Sanusi Garba, NERC chairman, the new tariff will take effect from January 1.

The commission stated that the new tariff will be enforced until the issuance of another minor review order or an extraordinary tariff review order by the commission.

The NERC said some of the indices considered for the upward review include Nigeria’s inflation rate, exchange rate, US rate of inflation, available generation capacity, gas price, MDA losses, and capex adjustment.

With the hardship in the country, one will think the government will even decrease the tariff to ease living and doing business in the new year, but on the contrary, it was increased. This has been a major concern to Nigerians.

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A solution

The only way for concerned Nigerians like homeowners and business owners is by opting for solar energy to do what the national grid supply can do and more. The federal government knows this and has embarked on solar projects all over the country, with the aim of providing 5 million households with solar systems it has cleared the doubt in the minds of people willing to invest and switch to solar. Off-grid solar is a way to completely power your homes and businesses without the contribution of PHCN or any power company in Nigeria. It is a viable option for people that believe in what solar power can do to their investment or homes and the world at large (It can reduce the CO2 emission in the environment and save the world from the effect of Global warming). An augumentation option also exists where you can use your solar power system and the National grid supply together. Solar companies in Nigeria distribute solar products with an advanced hybrid system that can be charged with both solar(sun) and National grid simultaneously. Beebeejump S1 solar product gives you this feature at a very cheap price.


The solar power system can do more

The extreme heat at the beginning and late part of the years has been redundant these past years. The only logical explanation is the effect of Global warming which is predominantly because of co2 emissions from generating set among other things. The National grid power supply uses so many non-renewable sources of power such as gas, fossils fuels which also emit Co2 thereby increasing the heat we now experience. The solar power system will not emit Co2 or any other greenhouse gas that can result in to increase in heat.

Using a generator as an alternative power supply pollutes the environment in two ways. It emits co2 which contributes to heat increase. Unpleasant noise from the generator is also a form of pollution, it makes living very uncomfortable. The solar system does not produce any form of noise and it does not occupy space as a generating set will.


It is also cheaper compared to other sources of power. The price of solar electricity has dropped 89% in 10 years. To curb our climate crisis, we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels and power the world with renewable. That may have seemed far-fetched a decade ago given the cost of installing wind and solar at the time, but the price of renewable has been falling fast. In 10 years, the price of solar electricity dropped 89%, and the price of onshore wind dropped 70%. It is the best alternative source of power for Nigerians in these trying times of electricity tariff increment.


It is solar o’clock and Nigerians need to take a stand and switch to solar power. To save money and save the environment from depleting completely. Need to make a decision today make the switch with the best solar company in Nigeria